“During this time I’ve come to realise that you can’t always rely on everyone in your life. There are a select few who you can always rely on no matter what - those who will have your back regardless of the situation and will never see you as a burden. But then there are those who are only there for you when it suits or benefits them in some way, shape or form.

I’ve realised what it is that I want out of life and have set myself some new goals and targets with a timeframe to make them happen. I’ve spent a lot of time doing self work and trying to not let lockdown get me down. I know a lot of people have really struggled and, where I could, I’ve offered my help and support. I’ve realised that if you can’t help yourself, it’s harder to receive help from others. You need to find the initial strength from within.

I’ve really missed working, but not work itself. What I’ve missed most is the hub that I provide socially. The regulars who share stories and jokes - the community that can only be found in the pub. I can’t wait for that to return - even in what we call “the new normal”.

I’ve missed my partner a lot as she’s been staying with her family throughout lockdown. This has been a struggle to deal with. I’ve realised just how much she means to me - more than I could ever begin to describe.

The strangest and funniest moments have emerged from the new friendships I’ve formed throughout this time. Finding friends who are like minded. People who are up for a laugh at any time.

I also feel more connected with my neighbours. I’ve got to know some more than others, but I’ve met most of them now which really is a rarity in London. Something I think Londoners and the rest of the world need to take from this lockdown is that human interaction is the real key to survival. Hopefully it will continue after the pandemic and people will become less self obsessed and more inclined to offer a simple hello or how are you 🤙🏼”