Stephen, Julz

“It’s a funny old journey isn’t it. What a year. We’ve managed not to completely lose our minds, though we have realised how much we talk to the cat. Luckily Juliet has continued to work at home throughout the pandemic, however being a freelance creative there’s no work out there for me with very little government help. I’ve been filling my time with playing some music, connecting with friends (old & new) and finding as many ways to cook rice as humanly possible.

Having only moved to the big smoke a year ago, this time has proven to be a fantastic way to connect with the local community and meet some new friendly faces. I know for me, it’s really helped. I’ve missed the little things the most - a quick pint with a pal, or a jolly jaunt to an art gallery. But I know this’ll be over quite soon and we can melt back into our old lives, hopefully with a newly formed sense of community spirit and respect for one another. See you at the pub.”