“I have been super busy during lockdown! Cooperation Town, the project I started in late 2019, with the aim to set up a network of community-led food co-ops, was one of the first in the borough to take on mass food distribution to Camden residents affected by the pandemic.

Between 21 March and early July, we distributed nearly 20,000 free meals to neighbours on low or no income. We are now working again on developing the national network of co-ops, so I don’t expect the workload to reduce any time soon.

Having spent so much time at Cooperation Town meant that I didn’t feel as isolated (or bored!) as many other people.

In fact, I met new friends and comrades through organising the co-op, who are committed to continuing the work we started last year, beyond lockdown and covid, knowing that the real crisis of neoliberalism and austerity is nowhere near over.”


“My experience of lockdown is not good. However, there have been some good parts. One pro of lockdown would be that I get to relax and have fun a lot of the time and I get to do what I want. One con is that I don't get to see my friends and I can't really do my school work properly.

I’ve mostly been playing video games, reading books and doing school work. My most enjoyable subject is Sociology, as I find it really interesting and fun to learn. For the past month, I have been taking online lessons in Maths, English and Science.

In the past few weeks, I have been going to school but only on Wednesdays and only a few people are allowed in. Luckily they sorted the groups according to friendships.”