“I have not enjoyed lockdown. I am fed up, bored, mad and stupid. I've got kidney disease, plus I've had half a lung taken away so I couldn’t even let anyone near me. I mean that's why when I go out, I put my mask on. When I'm in the building, I don't bother.

We've met a lot of people downstairs while sitting outside. There's Sheila - who gives Roy (my brother) lots of peanuts. I've asked her 'How come you keep giving him nuts’ and she says ’I like his nuts’. You dirty girl! You can't have his nuts.

I really miss playing darts, I used to be a darts player, but I haven't been able to do that. Now you've got the 2m so it’s not going to work with 16 players.”


“You know, I used to like television, but you get bored with it. So many repeats even on big channels - you find you've seen most of it.

You stay indoors - you get so fed up, I go to my sisters then she gets fed up.

I just want to point out that Sheila is in her 80s so even though she likes my nuts she’s a bit beyond me.”