“Lockdown has been very enjoyable and incredibly stimulating so far.

I've worked very hard and got a load of clients who meet me via Skype or Zoom or whatever. And actually we got to know each other even better because we get to see inside each other's houses, not just my work room.

I'm also part of the local Labour Party leftie groupé and we all talk 24 hours a day on WhatsApp. I’ve even been speaking to a few friends who are my great age more than usual.

I've been helped out by my shopper and by my lodger, a Palestinian refugee who has lived with me for 4 years now. He's not allowed to go shopping because of me being shielding but he cooks great food and I get to eat it!

I have missed London a lot during lockdown, especially the trees. I would love to have seen spring happen and the chestnut trees out. The thing I’ve missed the most is playing chamber music, even though it gives me aches and pains. Once a week on Thursdays I used to go and play string quartets up at Belsize Park.”