Mrs Rafat

“I remember the first time Amanda called and asked if there was anything she could do for me.

That felt like heaven’s door. The best moment of my entire life.

When you’re sick, single, and alone, it can sometimes seem like there’s little hope. You can feel almost paralysed worrying about food, your health, and whether there’s anybody out there thinking about you. Luckily for me, Amanda was. When she called she explained she was from the local Mutual Aid group.

It was amazing to think that there were people in my area who didn’t know me but still cared about me. Looking back now, it was a life-changing realisation.  

As someone over 70 who lives alone, I suppose you could say that I’m vulnerable. But in the future I won’t be afraid because I won’t be by myself.

I’ll know that someone like Amanda is looking out for me.”