Neil, Florence, Monty

“Overall it's been a wonderful family time, we’ve got to spend quality time with our daughter, Florence for 2 months prior to Monty being born. We have all missed being with our friends and family during this time; especially family who have not met Monty yet!

Unexpectedly, home schooling is actually quite good as we could see how Florence is doing and it gives everyone a focused routine during the day.

It's also been interesting to see how people have rallied around, reinforcing our view of the general goodness in people; especially the KT Mutual Aid Group.”

Florence: “When we first got locked down I loved it as I could spend all day with Mummy and Daddy and have lunch in the garden everyday. After a few weeks I started to really miss my friends but since the rules relaxed a little I’ve been having water fights with the neighbour kids from 2m away!”