“The lockdown was shocking for the Somali community, it affected a lot of people physically and mentally particularly as many families suffered bereavements during the first wave. Homes were getting overcrowded because we live in small homes and the children couldn't go to school.

On top of this, the media were attacking ethnic minorities - saying we don’t know nutrition, and are overweight.  When you cannot afford to feed your family, you buy the cheapest thing - one kilo of pasta for 45p and you make a sauce that you give your children so they don't die.

I felt like I had to help my community in some way, so I started working with HNCC giving people free fruits and vegetables so that they could at least cook healthy meals for their families.

A lot of people also started doing something for the community, which before was unthinkable. It's like we've become one family. People were working together even from different backgrounds.”