Michael & Molly

“We should’ve been locked out, not locked down. That's the thing I find shocking - nobody uses their garden. I just don't get it. It's all about vitamin D and sunshine. People should just get out.

Even though there has only been a handful of cases that have affected children, everyone got the fear and shut down all the play parks. The sandpit didn’t even have sand in it, I'm not sure what science they're watching for that?

For the first few weeks, we were just telling Marlie - it’s a holiday at home, it's just a chance for us to do things that need doing, fix and make our homes nice. And they're fixing all the parks and all the swings too - they're making them even better.

But after about three weeks, she just wasn't buying it, so we actually had to tell her about the virus, which she handled quite well. We also had to explain about masks. It seems to a 3 year old it doesn't seem to make much difference. Some people have started wearing masks... whatever.”