“I look at death in the face everyday because I have long-term illnesses that aren’t going away. I’m a survivor.

Before lockdown, I had an operation that left me with an infection. I was too weak and was sent home till it cleared to be treated again. Two days later, London locked down. The doctor rang me and said I couldn’t go back in. It became clear how difficult this was going to be for me. I’ve had to bare the pain at home.

After so many weeks of being stuck indoors I really miss going out. I miss getting my nails and eyelashes done. I miss meeting friends.

There have also been loads of positives from the lockdown though. If it wasn’t for the Mutual Aid volunteers helping with food and shopping, and giving me a little bit of time here and there, I don’t think I would’ve got through it. The little conversations do a hell of a lot for somebody’s mind.”