Saira, Rani, Graham.
Joginder’s Supperclub

“I (Saira) moved in with Mum (Rani) and Dad (Graham) as they were both shielding so I could do the shopping and pharmacy runs, I’ve also been doing these for other people on the street who aren’t able to leave their home.

It’s been sad not to be able to run our Supperclub which we’ve hosted pretty much every month since 2009. Mum and I were contacted by a couple of the regulars asking if we might be able to do some food as they were shielding. We started our ‘Stay at Home & Stay Safe’ menu and now, 13 weeks later we’re still doing weekly orders.

We also do a food drop every week for my partner’s colleagues at the London Ambulance Service. 

Mum and I cook every Friday morning, Dad bags up the orders and I deliver them so we’re a good team!

On the back of clap for carers every Thursday evening, I organised a socially distanced VE Day drinks and nibbles party on our street and the whole street came out. It lasted for hours and we all had a great chat.

Now whenever we all see each other it’s a wave and a smile and it’s nice to see how everyone’s doing.”