“My life changed drastically during lockdown. I went from being at school for almost 10 hours a day to staying at home all day. But our school decided we’d go ahead and take the Common Entrance exams as we’d been working so hard towards it. Looking back now, I’m pleased we did. It gave each day a bit of structure.

My mum made me work harder than ever anyway, but in the end it all paid off! After lockdown, I’d personally like a combination of going to school and online learning so I can fit more things into a day.

The funniest thing that happened during lockdown was seeing my grandmother doing a Chi Gong Zoom class at the same time she was cleaning the kitchen. Equally amusing was watching my mum doing a dance class via Zoom on her iPhone. There she was, earphones plugged in, next to our dining table while the rest of the family was having dinner and a parallel conversation.

During lockdown our neighbours in the building suggested having courtyard concerts for the residents. I performed with the pianist Michael Shak, which was amazing. It was great to see our neighbours enjoying and appreciating the music. Some of the young children in our building sat watching with fascination.

One little boy really wanted to play the violin, so I let him have a go on my viola. I had a Ukulele that I happily passed on to him and he ran to the same spot and started to play it with a huge smile on his face.

I realise now I’ve been very fortunate in so many ways. I don’t want to forget that. Being kind to others makes us all happier!”