“I realised how lucky I am to live with my family, and have a job where I can do a lot of my work from home. Other than work, I spent lockdown running in local parks, reading in the garden, and I learned to bake sourdough bread. And I cut Andrei’s hair after watching a YouTube video - but now I think I’m doomed as I’m pretty sure he’ll never pay for a barber again!

I feel more connected to the local community because I joined my Mutual Aid group - I’ve only helped out a bit, but it’s been great to see how much neighbourly solidarity has helped vulnerable people locally, which is something we need more of in London and the world as a whole.”

“I actually really enjoyed lockdown. I could read more, talk more to family and friends abroad, thanks to Zoom. I am also glad to see other people across the world discovering that we need very little to be at peace.

Before the “clap for our carers”, I had never even said hi to the neighbours. I did feel more connected with them when we all came out every week to bang pots and pans in support of healthcare workers.”