“I thought I was nailing lockdown. Then it dawned on me that I really wasn't.

I run my own little arts company (@noordinaryexperience) and, whilst it wasn't life or death, cancelling a whole year of work I'd built up from scratch with artists was pretty heartbreaking.

But there have been positive aspects to all of this, too. I’d known for a while that I needed to change how I work and slow down. I feel I can now balance my work alongside my wellbeing. And at the height of lockdown I found I was able to connect with my neighbours in a way I hadn't done over the last four years.

It also strengthened old relationships that I didn't think could get much stronger. One friend really stepped up to look out for my mum when I couldn't be there.

Me and one of my closest mates spoke every day. Sometimes twice a day. As much as technology can sometimes feel too much, I was so grateful to have her in my living room - making me laugh, on demand.

In such a short time I feel like I've made some proper friends - coming in all shapes & sizes. If we had to go back into another lockdown I think I'd fare much better this time. Now that I've got people to cook for and doorstep wine buddies close at hand.”