“At the start of lockdown, like many of my freshly furloughed colleagues and friends, I was very centred on myself. As time went on I began to look a lot more out of my little bubble and focus on the people around me, especially the ones we are leaving behind.

Life pre-COVID was fast-paced and even though I really cared for people, I knew I wasn't extending that care to people outside the circles I already knew. I just ‘didn’t have time’. There were always ‘other people to do that stuff’. But then lockdown became a reality, the demand increased and I had the time.

So, I became an admin with the local Mutual Aid Group, and most recently started volunteering at the new Castlehaven Foodbank.

I really know my neighbours on my estate now and talk to the people I help out. I listen to the stories from those who are struggling and do something about it.

I’m so glad I properly opened my eyes and heart to the world outside my own - I just wish it hadn’t taken a pandemic for me to do so.”