Isolation provokes reflections of the past
Moody day
Shadows of the day evokes feelings of the past
Telephone call.
On the other and soft spoken voice.
Conjures up other feelings in isolation
The day looks wrong
Those long lonely days
Those long lonely nights
You know them don't you

“[Triggers] I was going through a folder I haven't looked at for a long time that triggers the past.

It had papers which had instructions on how to get to a particular place in the south of France and souvenirs from that holiday. With my wife. We stayed in a small fishing town for a night or two. It was a place where Picasso had a villa. I could remember it vividly walking through the harbour after having a meal at night. The the moon and boats knocking and lights lighting up around the harbour.

I remember it looking very poetic. It was a beautiful sad memory. It wasn't about what I lost, it was about what I did have.

I remember listening to songs of Leonard Cohen at midnight and that was another trigger.”