Dan, Juliet


“Food poverty is all around us – and when I look back at these last three months, an over riding memory will not be the silence of the streets and images of exhausted NHS workers, not the bird song, the clapping or the baking, not the weird run on bog rolls, the grotesque 5pm press conferences that showed the shallowness of the ruling class and their rank, immoral hypocrisy...it won't be the planting, Zoom, creativity in the kitchen, estimating two metres and learning face mask etiquette...it won't be the set piece kitchen table lunches that were too decadent for a work day...it won't be the boarded up pubs and shuttered shops or the men who were either rather hairy or skinheads, depending on access to clippers...

They'll fleet across my mind when I think of the year 2020 – but what I will really remember is the scandal of acute food poverty, and how its shameful prevalence could no longer be hidden.”