“I’m of a lockdown age. It's a bit lonesome and a bit difficult.

But what I tell people is it’s not necessary to lock yourself up 24 hours, round the clock, indoors. You can get out, protect yourself, be active and exercise your brains. Do what you can rather than depending on people and try to think positive always, it helps. I hope it will end soon and we will be able to socialise.

I am closer to my neighbours now though - I’ve got this young girl here who looks after me, she mothers me, haha!

As I am a retired nurse, I go out and I find that people are not adhering to the government guidelines. I have pointed out to people a couple of times if they are wearing their mask incorrectly and most of them get angry.

I think the government should take it on by educating people as to why they are wearing the mask - not just telling them to wear it. The materials that some people use are not appropriate, some don’t have any ventilation. If the government can afford it, they should provide medical-grade masks.”