Cole, Orlaith


“Despite all the difficulties of it, there have been some really nice perks of the lockdown.

I’ve really enjoyed walking through the neighbourhood when all the streets have been quiet and just taking in the beauty of the residential streets without cars.

The lockdown has also meant that I’ve had the opportunity to try (and appreciate) a fresh cup of coffee from all our local shops – Kentish Town Stores, Bean About Town, Saint Espresso, Bear and Wolf. One of the best parts has just been getting to know lots of the local shop owners and chatting to them as we queue up for different businesses when they open. I also never really appreciated the Heath until it became my daily walk and source of exercise.

I definitely feel more connected to my neighbours and the neighbourhood more now than ever—you see the same people on the street, having the same shared experience, and it really brings you all together. Same with the shopkeepers—they’re as excited to see you as a customer as you are to see them open to buy things for the first time, so that has been a really nice experience.

It’s just the little shared moments, smiles, and waves that have brought the entire neighbourhood together.”