“I've not been frightened of the virus; I believe I’ve had it but with very mild symptoms, essentially I think I’ve got off lightly. My daughter had it bad and my missus has tested positive for antibodies.

I’m retired so I don’t have a job not to go to. I’m used to bumbling around the park, reading, thinking of ways to spend the day. I like what feels like a slower pace.

I’m cynical about the changes to society. Yes, we applaud the NHS but do we want to pay more tax to fund it? We’ve learnt to appreciate the people who put food on the shelves but would we pay higher prices so they could earn more? Will we consume less or cause less pollution?

When this is all over I think we’ll go back to the way we were. I’m a hypocrite too. I love the bird-song and the calm blue skies yet I can’t wait to get on a plane somewhere, anywhere.

Is it obvious that I’m a grouch? The strangest thing is my discovery that, in many ways, I’m an optimist.”