“Before lockdown we were placed in a hotel as we were fleeing from ongoing harassment. Then all of a sudden we were told the hotel was closing in two days. With hardly any warning we had to find a home and move during lockdown.

I wasn’t able to get our things from our previous home, so the new place was empty. I couldn’t make home cooked meals. And the kids were really bored without the internet and their video games. The worst thing was the constant battle with the council to get my situation sorted.  

So much was happening all at once that I found it difficult to cope. I wondered whether I’d make it out of it all without having a mental breakdown. But I knew I had to stay positive for the sake of my kids. So I built up the courage to ask for help.

The community came together and sprang into action. In an hour I had all the basics I needed. I was totally overwhelmed with the help and support I received.”